Kyki Li is an interdisciplinary artist who employs movement, healing rituals, critical theories, and anthropological fieldwork to inspire an alter-native way of living across boundaries.

 Photo by Jazzy Photo.

Photo by Jazzy Photo.


As a dance performer, choreographer, educator and RYT-200 yoga teacher, Kyki believes in the power of movement in connecting the mind-body-spiritual and help people navigate the fast-paced, ever changing world. to cultivate holistic health.

 Photo by Tim Summers.

Photo by Tim Summers.


Fluent in 2 languages (English and Mandarin) and knows several other ones(Spanish, Italian, and Arabic), Kyki is always working on some kind of creative writing project, ranging from anthropological ethnography, multilingual poems and proses, art-related creative writing, and travel blogs.

 Photo by Kyki Li. Sculpture by Amy Wang.

Photo by Kyki Li. Sculpture by Amy Wang.

Other Media

Kyki believes in the power of community and collaboration. She works with artists across disciplines in original creation. Her most recent collaborative work include a Zine, a new Soundcloud where she upload my music improvisations, and a youtube channel of vlogs.

As a dancer, Kyki utilize her interdisciplinary skills to investigate the nuances of everyday experience, as well as envision an alter-native way of living across boundaries. Proficient at several folk, street, and classical dance styles including Chinese Ethnical Dance, Hip Hop, Ballet and Modern, Kyki has worked with renowned artists and companies such as Jennifer Salk, Zoe|Juniper, Margarita Bali, Juliet McMains, Diana Garcia-Synder, Alexandra Jane Bradshaw-Yerby, Noelle Price(PriceArts), Ari Rudenko(Prehistoric Body Theater), Sara Pearson and Patrick Widrig. Her choreography has been presented in various venues such as On The Boards(USA), University of Washington Dance Major's Concert(Seattle, USA), and the Young Artist/New Work Festival in Bates Dance Festival(Maine, USA). As a producer, she has worked with the University of Washington Dance department and Dylan Ward (Sleep Nod) in producing artwork in the Seattle Area.  

Born and raised in China, Kyki received extensive training in Traditional Chinese Folk dance before entering the world of competitive Ballroom and cheerleading at age 15. Drawn by the powerful hip-hop movement, she received five years of intensive training in Hip Hop, Lyrical, and Jazz Funk from various studios including Storm Dance Studio(China) and Millenium Dance Complex in LA, US. In 2014, she became a Certified International Jazz Trainer and started her own dance studio- BOOM(Be of One Mind) - in China. Since majoring in Dance at the University of Washington, Kyki re-discovered her passion for concert dance. She has quickly gained proficiency in ballet and modern, while passionately expanding her movement vocabulary through contact improv, ecstatic dance, Butoh, salsa, tango, capoeira, Countertechnique and so on.

Kyki believes in the transformative power of art. She continues to grow, learn and give back to the community through dance.



Certified International Jazz Trainer

RYT-200 Yoga Teacher (Trained in Iyengar yoga lineage)

Ecstatic Dance Facilitator

Dance Healer

Somatic and Alignment Based Movement Research



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Cultural | Visual 


As a cultural anthropologist, Kyki has conducted researches in various locations including China, Italy, Jordan, Mexico, and United States. Through living among the local community for an extended period of time, she learns the local language, participates and observes their cultural events while conducting auto-ethnography. She believes in that open-minded, genuine one-on-one is the best way to empower self and others. Her most recent research "What is Yoga?", conducted through the cross cultural comparison of US, India and China, was presented in the University of Washington Undergraduate Research Symposium.


Featured Projects


MAry Gates.jpg

Independent Study - What is yoga?

"What is Yoga?" is an year-long independent research across 3 countries and 2 disciplines. Applying the anthropological research methodology to investigate dance and movement practices, I dug into the daily practice of yoga in various settings such as University mindfulness project, yoga studios and retreat  perplexing interpretations of what yoga is in the modern society. My findings were presented as a research paper, and a performance ethnography during the Mary Gates Undergraduate Research Symposium in May 2016. 


Photo by: Tim Summers.

Tornado 2.0 by Alethea Alexander

Photo Essay - 7 Days in the life of a dancer

"What does it mean to be a dancer? How is my identity as a dancer mediated by the images around me?" With these questions in mind, I conducted a 7 days experiment where I took a photo each day surrounding the image representation of my dancer identity and complied a photo essay, revealing my struggles and aspirations in being a dancer. 

Videography: Kyki Li. Music credit: Farewell Life

One Minute Film Project - Home

HOME is a one minute film project film exploring how the modern concept of "home" is mediated by the advertisement and commodity surrounding us.


A deep-time animal dance on the evolution of the vertebrates.


    The evening length work GHOSTS of HELL CREEK features an international ensemble  celebrating the 500+ million year old evolutionary story of the vertebrates, told through the visceral biology of the human body in motion.

Performed in Meany Studio Theater, University of Washington, Seattle. May 5-6, 2018.


Photos by Warren Woo